Member Spotlight: Fiorentini

Brenda and Antonio De Ieso, Owners of Fiorentini

The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce is proud to feature Brenda and Antonio De Ieso of Fiorentini
Restaurant this month. With an exceptional reputation for detail and environmental sustainability, this
authentic Italian farm to table restaurant is a fine addition to Rutherford’s growing business community.
Brenda and Antonio will host the 4 th Rutherford Chamber Member Appreciation Networking Social on
Sept 27 at 6 PM. Sample food, wine, beer, learn about Authentic Italian Farm to Table cooking, all while
listening to live jazz. This event is free and open to the entire Rutherford community so its no wonder
why we chose Fiorentini to be our Featured Member this month.

Take a moment to learn more about Brenda and Antonio in their own words below…
The Italian word for ‘citizens of Florence, is Fiorentini, a contemporary Italian ‘’Farm to
Table’’ in the heart of Rutherford.

Husband-and-wife-duo Antonio and Brenda are the owners and founders of Fiorentini. 
Chef Antonio, former Metropolitan Opera Executive Chef, Sea Grill at Rockefeller Center,
and the emblematic Le Cirque, was born and raised in Florence, where he attended the
International Culinary School. 

Antonio moved to New York in 2012, fluent in five languages; Antonio also worked in the
Caribbean, France, and, of course, Italy – where he had a cooking segment on a TV show.

Fiorentini’s co-founder, Brenda, grew up in Florence, where she completed her schooling.
She moved to New jersey in 2005, she’s also had a robust career in the event industry,
designing and producing high-end events for over 12 years, and this experience was
instrumental when she designed Fiorentini. 

Even though the couple lived in Florence only a few miles apart, they never met each other!
Brenda and Antonio finally met in New York City in 2017, but both grew up in Florence, so
they’re ‘Fiorentini.’

Chef Antonio curates a new menu each season based only on availability from the farm;
they do not have a walk-in box fridge which is extremely rare in a restaurant,
and exclusively work with local farmers using premium seasonal quality vegetables, local
wild-caught seasonal seafood, and the freshest herbs. Particularly farmers that use
regenerative farming practices which focus on the health of their soils. Healthy soils that
culture an ecosystem for animals and vegetables to thrive without the need for antibiotics,
hormones (GMO), herbicides, or pesticides. 

Dedicated to the triple bottom line —planet, people, and profit—the team aspires to make
their eatery as environmentally conscious as possible. The space features a living
preserved moss wall with a repurpose wood design made out of recycled wood. From waste
to filtered cooking water, to biodegradable chemicals to their compostable-to-go packaging,
to locally sourced ingredients and materials they use to furnish their space like their wine
recycled water glasses, sustainability is at the heart of what they do. 
They are always trying to lessen the impact on the earth by taking action on ingredients,
operational productivity, and carbon offsets.

For this, they were named the first registered Sustainable Business in Rutherford by the
NJSBDC, as well as leading the green team in town.

Fiorentini chooses Rutherford for being the Borough of Trees and the commitment to be a
green town, but what makes them extremely proud of being part of this town is the
incredible sense of community that they have found.