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The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce is proud to welcome the Woman’s Club of Rutherford!

It’s Women’s History Month and the perfect time to feature our newest member of the Chamber, The Woman’s Club of Rutherford. This historic nonprofit organization has been serving the Rutherford community since 1889.

The Woman’s Club of Rutherford first came together in the living room of Mrs. Margaret Riggs as the (Woman’s Reading Club) for the purpose of gathering like-minded community women together with common goals of camaraderie and community service.

By 1893 the humble beginnings of the Woman’s Reading Club had grown to be 60 members strong and a catalyst behind the creation of the Rutherford Free Public Library in 1894, and Rutherford’s Lincoln Park in 1903. All of this was due to the hard work and persistence of this dedicated group of Rutherford women.

By 1924, the Club was a thriving vital force in town. The Club incorporated, and purchased the 1896 carriage house made from (Belleville Brownstone). This property was the former carriage house of the neighboring property “Iviswold Castle” owned by David Brinkerhoff as a summer residence. This building on the corner of Montross and Fairview Avenues has been the permanent meeting place of the Woman’s Club ever since and is now as of 2017 on the National Register of Historic Places.

By 1928 the Woman’s Reading Club became the Woman’s Club of Rutherford and officially became affiliated with the State and National Federation of Women’s Clubs.

The Woman’s Club of Rutherford continues to contribute time, money, and resources in support of local organizations, charities, high school scholarships, feeding the hungry, supporting veterans, helping seniors, and helping abused women and children.

Under the leadership of current President Laura O’Connor, an Executive Board, Trustees, and over 69 dedicated members, the Rutherford Woman’s Club Continues to thrive and move into the future, welcoming members with varied interests, from all walks of life bound together by a love of service, and especially a love of Rutherford.

The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce applauds the Woman’s Club of Rutherford for being a solid and true force of good in our community with a history to prove it and a reputation to be proud of as residents of Rutherford.

Congratulations Woman’s Club of Rutherford. Welcome to the Rutherford Chamber of Commerce!!

The Woman’s Club of Rutherford is located at…

201 Fairview Ave, Rutherford NJ 07070

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Woman’s Club of Rutherford

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Call 201-939-9894

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