RutherFunds Fee-Free Gift Cards for Your Business

Instead of giving your employees and clients the same old gift card for MegaCorp this holiday season, give them the gift of local support that keeps local dollars local and has something for everyone: The RutherFunds Community Gift Card! For as low as $1,000 you can set up an Enterprise Gift Card Account with our partner gift card vendor, Yiftee, and issue gift cards yourself with ZERO FEES.

That means a $50 gift card will cost you $50 instead of the usual $53 after service fees, so the savings can be substantial cumulatively. And the list of local businesses that accept the card continues to grow, and includes our two largest local gift retailers, Goffins and Country Whimsey.

Almost any local business that accepts Mastercard is eligible to join and participate for free in our Community Gift Card. For participating businesses, your gift card customers will come in with a digital copy of the gift certificate on their phone or a print-out. You just need to process these orders manually as a CNP (Card Not Present) transaction. Joining our community gift card program is a sign you support our community and a great avenue to gain new customers.

Give your employees, clients and customers a gift card that helps build our local community by keeping local dollars local. And with our growing list of participating businesses, everyone is sure to find something they love!

To learn more about Yiftee Enterprise accounts, email, and make sure to mention its for the RutherFunds gift card. Sign up here to accept the RutherFunds Gift Card at your business. You can buy RutherFunds Gift Cards here.


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