RutherFunds Holidays ’23 Campaign

The Rutherford Chamber of Commerce is GOING BIG with the RutherFunds Community Gift Card this holiday season. We’ll be looking to add more local businesses that accept the gift card (we already have 11 signed up!). Meanwhile, our partner gift card vendor, Yiftee, will focus on increasing bulk sales of the card itself.

Almost any local business that accepts Mastercard is eligible to join and participate for free. Your gift card customers will come in with a digital copy of the gift certificate on their phone or a print-out. You just need to process orders paid for with the gift card manually, as a CNP transaction, with the slightly higher processing fees you’ve seen for CNP and phone orders before. Joining our community gift card program is a sign you support our community and a great avenue to gain new customers.

To increase sales of our RutherFunds Community Gift Card this holiday season, we’re working with Yiftee on an exciting ‘try before you buy’ program: You may receive an email from Yiftee with a $25 RutherFunds Gift Card for you to try out. Yiftee is offering a deal on bulk card purchases of $1,000 or more, and is reaching out to local business leaders in this regard. Give your employees or customers a gift card that helps build their local community, not just a bland gift card from MegaCorp. With 11 local businesses participating–including our two largest gift stores, Goffins and Country Whimsey–plus more on the way, everyone is sure to find something they love!

Here’s a RutherFunds Sign Up form for your business: