Member Spotlight: Rutherford First-Aid Ambulance Corps

Meet the 71st Annual Rutherford Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade Grand Marshal and our Featured Member for the month of August…

Rutherford Volunteer First-Aid Ambulance Corps.🎉


The Rutherford Chamber is proud to elect the Rutherford First – Aid Ambulance Corps as this years Holiday Parade Grand Marshal, happening November 25th, and as our latest Featured Member.

The Rutherford First – Aid Ambulance Corps is completely volunteer run and funded by donations from the surrounding community. This essential Rutherford organization is at the forefront of Rutherford emergency response and would not exist without the dedication of its volunteers and the community’s support. This is why the Rutherford Chamber will commit to promoting and honoring this group of amazing volunteers all the way through the new year and beyond in support of this valuable organization.

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Take the time to read and learn about some of the history of the Ambulance Corps and it’s members below…

Since becoming incorporated in 1949, the Rutherford First-Aid Ambulance Corps (RFAAC), a non-profit organization, has been providing Emergency Medical Care services to the Borough of Rutherford and mutual aid to neighboring communities. In 2024, they will celebrate 75 years of service.

All riding members of the RFAAC have gone through extensive training, over 250 hours, to become an EMT and then continue their training as they continue to volunteer. They are all licensed by the NJ Department of Health- Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS).

The RFAAC, with an active member of 45 volunteers, provides emergency care at no charge to any of their patients. They respond to approximately 1,400 calls per year.

The RFAAC is funded mainly by contributions through their annual Fund Drive and charitable donations made through their PaPal donation link. Additionally, donations are mailed or provided through the Memorial Donation Program. More information about all of these ways to donate are explained on the RFAAC website (

Active member, Doug Chadwick, has been a part of the RFAAC for 61 years. He met his wife, Jane, through the Ambulance Corps. He explained, “The most rewarding part of being an EMT is the opportunity to help people in their time of need. Most of the time we are able to provide a calming and reassuring influence, which reduces the uncertainty and apprehension in the patient. It is nice to see that. The advantage of being an EMT is that you learn how the body works, how diseases affect us and how to treat them and treat injuries. That knowledge alone gives one a lot of self-confidence. You know what to do in a crisis and can function under pressure.” (This is Rutherford, March, 11, 2020).

Mike Tarantino is a third-generation member of the RFAAC. His daughter, Jennifer Capoano, is a fourth-generation member and the current President. He also met his wife, Jane, while volunteering with the Rutherford First-Aid Ambulance Corps. “During my 50 years, I have seen ambulances change from high-topped car base ambulances (Cadillacs) to our modern custom-built ambulances. Additionally, I have seen our training become more comprehensive by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to stabilize and safely transport patients ranging from the routine call to life-threatening emergencies,” Mike explained (This is Rutherford, November 2, 2021).


Rutherford First – Aid Ambulance Corps

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